Simons is a night club
where the individual always
is at the center of attention.

The club strives to set the bar high and continue to be innovative in the Copenhagen night life. This happens by always pushing the limits and finding new and unseen rough ways to ensure an extraordinary experience. Simons was established in the summer of 2010 and consist of 950 squaremeters.

Happenings and big inter-
natioal bookings appeals to a crowd that goes beyond Denmark and makes Simons a club of international appeal, highlysss acclaimed for the exquisite crowd of rock‘n��?rollers and suits.

Simons is notoriously known for a strict but necessary door policy needed to ensure a rich diversity of guests. Expect dwarfs behind the bars, ballet dancers on the dance floor and sex in the corners. In 2011 you can expect recurring events such as MuddClub, Sort, La Féte, Bananamania, Blume Der Nacht and Flæk but diverse attractions bound to ensure an ever changing club experience. Simons also focuses on big events ranging fromAsos Coupon Code charity to CPH fashion Week. 2010 has been a fanstatic and overwhelming start for Simons and we will do everything to make sure that 2011 will be even more spectacular and unique.

Indulge the darkness

Simon & Simon